Our Wish List ! Orphaned and injured wildlife need your help!

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What if I find a critter?

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1) We need volunteers! Anytime, day or night (2 hours a week or whatever you can.spare)

2) Cash donations.

3) Baby blankets of all types.

4) Examination gloves.

5) Facial tissues ie: Kleenex..

6) Esbilac puppy milk replacement formula.

7) KMR kitten milk replacement formula.

8) Bleach.

9) Clorox Bleach cleaner.

10) Dish washing detergent such as Dawn.

11) Tall kitchen trash bags.

12) Dry puppy food ( young raccoons).

13) Dry kitten food (young skunks).

14) Trash bags

15) Paper towels.

16) Corn cobs (feed store).

17) Pine shavings (pet or feed store, used as bedding for some animal species).

18) Squeezable, plastic baby bottles.

If you have items to donate you may drop them off at the office closest to your location (Chicopee, Springfield or Wesfield). If you have items which you can not deliver we can arrange to pick them up. In either case, please be sure to call ahead first.: 413-275-9462

Thank you for your support!

Kathy: kgaynor721@cs.com